Please email us with your intended purchases, and we'll send you a combined invoice for the total amount due through Paypal. Be sure to include any current promotions codes and/or credits in your email. The system is not currently set up for combined shipping, so we do it manually for you.
Orders are processed as we receive them. Processing normally takes 3-5 business days (from cleared payment in the system) before shipping. We typically post once or twice per week (varies by season) on our regular shipping schedule, however for the duration of the pandemic we will be doing batched orders processing for the safety of everyone involved. We thank you for your patience and understanding. We do realize this can be an issue for rush order requests such as birthdays, Christmas & Holidays, new releases, etc. so for these events please contact us to discuss other faster service and payment options available, including 2 day service and express 1 day (to most U.S. locations). We'll email you once your order is shipped and tracking information updates (usually within 72 hours of label creation).
There is currently an error in the eCrater.co.uk site that is showing free shipping. This problem is expected to be resolved shortly. We apologize for any confusion our UK shoppers may be having at this time. As we are located in the USA, obviously we cannot offer this service, shipping costs being what they are. If you want an accurate quote for your international location, please visit our U.S. site: http://dccollectibles.ecrater.com (or dccollect.com / sdcctoys.com) Thank you for your continued support of DC Collectibles!
U.S. (Lower 48 Continental) - Standard U.S. domestic delivery includes shipping, handling, proof of delivery and insurance (when applicable). See individual listings for cost. Hawaii & Alaska - See individual listings under the "shipping" heading for cost and insurance information. Beginning 2013, due to changes in the USPS system, packages marked for USPS Parcel will be changed to Standard Post and may be handled through another carrier, dependent on weight and other factors. This change should not negatively affect expected delivery time. In some cases, the timeline may even shorten. Canada - Standard/Expedited Delivery: See individual listings under "shipping" - Priority/Express Delivery: See provided USPS calculator or email us for costs. UK and other International Locations - See USPS calculator at http://dccollectibles.ecrater.com. Occasionally, the calculator may be offline for maintenance or experiencing problems. For an accurate, updated cost please contact us at dccollectibles@gmail.com Please note that due to recent changes in USPS international shipping regulations, larger packages may be subject to an additional overseas shipping charge. This is because the oversize item is measured by dimensional weight rather than actual weight. This additional fee can be quite hefty, please be aware of this prior to purchase.
We ship worldwide. However, we can only ship to a confirmed address for orders paid online. The credit card billing address information must match your physical address verified with the online processor exactly. If you need your order sent to another address (work, gift, etc), for credit card payments we recommend you add a separate shipping address along with your billing address. For Paypal payments you must first fill out an 'Alternative Address Confimation'. You will then be given a list of Confirmed Addresses to choose from. There are no exceptions to this online payment rule and any request to ship elsewhere outside these requirements will not be honored. We will however accept other forms of payment (see our Payment Options tab) for which this limitation does not apply.
Most of the products we sell are no longer available and subject to the laws of supply and demand on the aftermarket. As such they are termed "collectibles". There was a time you could buy an original Power of the Force Star Wars figure mint on card with coin for 50 cents. That time is long past. As collectors ourselves we strive to provide a premium product for your hard earned dollar to add to your collection. That said, ultimately it is up to the customer to decide the worth of any particular item and whether it meets their needs. Please ask all questions prior to placing an order as refunds are not available and prices carefully considered. And while we are happy to consider offers, for some products--usually newer collectibles we had to pay full price to procure--the price is firm and non-negotiable.
Thanks for the offer! Buying? Maybe. It depends. Due to the number of requests and limited space, we have become very selective in what we purchase. Also, you may have noticed stores buying old stock to replenish their own. We have no such deficit of goods at present and thus, are not buying whole collections at this time. The best time to ask is late summer/early fall, when we're gearing up for Christmas. If and when any of this changes, we will post an update. For single new items, please contact customer service for consideration. Trading: The good old bartering system is a time-honored tradition, alive and well at DC! We are *always* happy to upgrade our stock (or our own private collection), so if you find something and wish to talk to us about trading for something else, please contact us. You'll get a better deal than if we bought it outright, and It never hurts to ask!
Please look over the *full* listing description carefully and contact us should you have *any* questions before purchase. We do not refund for buyer's remorse, and we do not replace for any reason other than seller error, listing not as described or once a successful insurance claim for damage/loss is requested, filed and processed. This is all subject to availability. Many of our items are one-of-a-kind and therefore not replaceable, in which case a refund will be provided after the successful insurance claim. Due to age and collector nature, items in our shop are sold as collectibles only. All collectibles, once opened by the buyer, are nonrefundable without exception. There is a small window of time for cancellations after the order is placed (usually 24-hours), without incurring an up to 45% restocking fee at our discretion. However, once the order is processed and ready to be shipped, it may not be cancelled [After all, you wouldn't want to work for a cut in pay, right? That's essentially what would happen if we allowed it]. We no longer refund payment processing fees under any circumstances, as they are not refunded to us by the processor. If a listing includes an NRD (non-refundable deposit) and is cancelled after the 24-hour window has closed and prior to shipping, for whatever reason, deposit will be forfeit.
Presently, payments made through other means than Paypal are under review. We will make an announcement when we complete the review and make a decision on whether to continue alternative payment services in the future. During this review time, although the option will remain, all payments through anything other than Paypal or Paypal Express will be cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience but feel this decision is in everyone's best interest, as Paypal continues to provide the best security for most online transactions--whether it be transaction payment or information security.
If you've ever experienced the supreme annoyance that comes when hot items sell out faster than you can enter your payment details, you'll appreciate this service! Paypal Express Checkout allows you to save all your important information in one secure place. As a DC Collectibles customer, and through our partnership with Paypal, you have access to this powerful service at no additional charge. So when it comes time to check out, all it takes it two clicks and it’s yours. Take that white screen of death! As a bonus, no Paypal membership is required (though that's ok too), just a valid credit/debit card and you're in!
All items are available for immediate purchase. That said, some things have changed in the past year plus, and we've had to adapt. Due to factors beyond our control and an imminent move of cross country inventory, some items may be delayed for delivery. These will be clearly marked with an expectant ship date in the listing, and will require a 20% deposit to secure. Full payment is required at purchase and all but the deposit will be returned within 24-48 business hours. Prior to shipment, a new invoice will be sent for the remainder. Full payment is expected before your item will be allowed to ship. If we are not able to meet the expected date agreed to upon purchase, a full refund will be offered (or you may choose to continue to wait based on the new fulfillment date supplied). You may cancel at anytime before shipping, minus the 20% which is nonrefundable. Please allow up to 2 billing cycles for your return to process.
[Offer is currently not available] Select any two or more items (lot listings count as one), with a total of $69 or more before postage, enter code "FreeShip69" at checkout, and we will credit your account for FREE delivery to the continental U.S. International locations receive a comparable shipping discount (sorry we can't do free, you think we're MADE of money?) This offer good while supplies last, or Denny comes to his senses.
We are now offering a Two for Tuesday deal (or #24Tuesday). How does this differ from all other flash sales you may ask? Basically we're having some fun with the concept. Every Tuesday we plan to offer some sale at the site, whether it be our popular free shipping promo, a percentage or dollar discount, or even a free figure with minimum purchase. You never know what we'll be doing, so stay tuned to social media and our home page for the announcement., and be sure to add the hashtag #24Tuesday in your order notes to score the deal! All savings will be given at point of shipping after your order has processed and will be credited to your original form of payment--or you may option to have the savings added to another order. Some items will be excluded from this promo and will be marked in the individual listings. In order to qualify for the free shipping on your entire order, cart must contain multiple items (2 or more separate), and lot or bundle listings do not qualify as multiple items--although they do count as one of the items.
3/22 - All services are back to normal and ready to go. We thank you again for patience during the extended chaos and look forward to your future business - DC >>>>>>>>>> 2/28 - Downtime And Early Arrivals: The recent widespread AT&T network outage impacted connections and caused major disruptions in many areas, including ours. As would be expected, this delayed processing of all orders by several days, in some cases causing items to be pushed to a later shipping date. In addition, the unexpected early arrival of a very large item to stock in the middle of winter has made it necessary to shuffle priority of order processing a bit to create room. Our apologies if this has caused a delay in receiving your order, but know that we are working hard to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nov 15: All outstanding orders have processed and are now or should be shortly on their way. We apologize for any delays due to ongoing medical and severe weather issues. New orders now being accepted. Happy Holidays! Aug 13: Shipping is closed this week and all orders processing pushed to next week on account of illness. We apologize for any inconvenience. July 24: We will have limited office hours available for the next week as we prepare for a medical procedure. Shipments will resume under their regular schedule the week of Aug 1. June 7: Due to severe weather, this week's deliveries have been pushed to Saturday. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Mar 30: Due to severe weather conditions this week, shipping for new orders will be moving to the following week. We continue to follow a batch processing schedule and anticipate to be fully caught up with all orders on schedule by Easter weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience - DC >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Feb 28: End of Month Report - Winter and Spring are fighting for our attention! Rest assured we are still getting orders out just as fast as we can process them, however, due to the recent storm and tornado activity, there may be a short delay of a couple days or so. We thank you for your patience as we continue to group orders for shipping according to priority. >>>>>>>>> Feb 4: Breaking The Ice and Drying Out -- We know you've been waiting for your orders and we apologize for the delay! Good news, after two weeks of unrelenting winter, treacherous conditions and several days without power, we're finally seeing the roads improving, the lines are back up, and yes! we expect to renew processing orders this coming week. Customer Service is back online at this time if you need to contact with further questions - DC. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Happy New Year! Start 2023 with a bang! For a limited time, earn DOUBLE bonus rewards on ALL in-stock orders purchased DIRECT through DCCollect.com / SDCCToys.com. Note: Marketplace orders are ineligible for this promotion. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shipping will be closed Dec 23 - Jan 5 to finalize orders placed after the Christmas deadline, perform some site tweaks, medical procedures and spend whatever time left with our families in preparation for the New Year 2023. The online store remains open year round for new orders, which will begin processing on our return, and we will still be answering questions as timely as possible, though expect longer than usual delays due to pandemic restrictions and limited staffing. You may leave your message here, phone/text to the customer service number listed at our website, or connect with us on social media for the latest updates. Please allow up to 72 business hours for initial response. From all of us at DC Collectibles, a very happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas and may the New Year dawn a new day for us all. Denny Crane
ALL orders now qualify to earn a bonus discount! HOW IT WORKS Earn a bonus rewards certificate with every purchase from our store and use it toward a future purchase for your collection! Every dollar spent gets you closer to the goal. The more you buy, the greater the reward! First time? You will be asked to complete a short survey as part of the "meet and greet" initiation ceremony. Previous orders are ineligible for this promotion, and rewards eligibility applies to purchase price before applicable shipping or taxes. THE BREAKDOWN This is a buy more, save more program. Each dollar spent earns you one rewards point. For each 10 points you receive one dollar in store credit off your next order! EXPIRATION OF BENEFITS AND OTHER LIMITATIONS Certificates are user-specific, one-time use, cannot be combined with other promotions and expire after one year (365 days) of issue. So hurry and use them up before the clock runs out! WHO CAN PARTICIPATE AND WHAT IS ELIGIBLE At this time, any buyer and every in-stock item in the store. Unlike our timed promotions, there are no exclusions for in-stock purchases, even for items usually excluded. This is a trial program however, and we do reserve the right to modify the rules as we deem necessary. Get in on the ground floor now! WHY DO IT? When you join the program by completing the short survey included with your shipping confirmation notice, not only will you be enrolled to great savings for future purchases with NO membership fee, you'll receive periodic [no daily spam] email newsletters from us with the hottest newly added collectibles, sales promo deals and special members-only offers. Participation to the program is of course optional and you may cancel at any time without further obligation or hassle from us. Just send an email asking to be removed. Any points earned to that point will be honored, but no further points will be issued. SOUNDS GREAT, SIGN ME UP! Welcome to the DC Collectibles Family Bonus Rewards Program (DC: BRP). We look forward to helping you complete your collection at great savings. Spread the word!
We are happy to consider all reasonable best offers for our items. There's no harm in asking! But please keep it reasonable and your BEST. We will ignore low-ball offers or post them up on the internet for everyone to point at you and laugh. Either way, not cool. Example: $5 off - We can do that! (usually) $10 off - depends on the item $20 off - ummm, combined order? $50 off - See above, the laughing thing.
All offers are VOID where prohibited by law. Though we do our best to keep up, international law is constantly changing. If we find we are unable to ship your item due to overseas restrictions, your original payment will be refunded. If the problem lies strictly with your payment method, we may request another form of funding. At this time we are not processing any new credit card transactions. All orders should be made through our new Paypal Express Integration. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, based on past transactional history, location or other undisclosed information. 
Please allow up to 72 business hours for an email response, excluding weekends and major holidays. Check your junk mail and email filters carefully. We respond to all questions. Unfortunately, some answers may never reach you. Free email providers in particular are prone to this problem. If you have not received a response to your question within the allotted time, please redirect your request to our alternate email address: dccollectibles@live.com, being sure to let us know you never received an answer the first time and the name of the item you're enquiring about. If there was a problem with the first email, we will most likely receive the second.
For your shopping convenience, we do not charge any additional fees for the use of online payments. There may be additional shipping costs for international buyers. Unless specifically stated in the item description, the default shipping cost listed is for U.S. buyers only. Please use the shipping calculator for your specific country. Note: Buyer is responsible for all import duties, taxes and brokerage fees to their international location. These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up – do not confuse them for additional shipping charges. We can neither predict nor control when these charges will be applied. It is best to contact your country's local customs office if you have any questions about these fees, as we have nothing to do with them, nor do we receive any portion for our services. Buyer is responsible for the total fees listed in the full description of each item. If there is any question, please contact us before purchase.